Our Work

pic12Rebuilding Together East Bay-North fills a pressing need in our community for repairs, renovations, and safety modifications that improve the lives of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and nonprofits. Although home ownership is at an all time high, the costs of owning and maintaining a home continue to grow. Healthcare and other necessary costs are skyrocketing, leaving low-income citizens with less disposable income for home repairs and modifications. As a result, some of our most vulnerable neighbors have to live without the most basic of necessities: a warm, safe, and dry home.

To address these problems, RTEBN provides a variety of solutions: the Safe at Home program, home and facility repair, and energy efficiency upgrades.

Grab bars, handrails, and wheelchair ramps allow a disabled veteran to receive care at home instead of a care facility. A stabilized foundation and ADA compliance modifications can be the difference between  a woman’s shelter continuing to serve the community and closing down. Energy efficient lightbulbs, modern water heaters, and simple weatherization modifications can save hundreds of dollars per year.

We provide the same services for nonprofit organizations that meet program qualifications. We appreciate the work they do to strengthen our community, and our volunteers love to work on a variety of locations

AnnFaganGingerFor 22 years, we have improved homes and facilities and been witness to the tangible and intangible benefits that result for the community at large. Property values increase, blight diminishes, neighbors become better acquainted and join in the spirit of repair and renovation. RTEBN’s service model, which is based on the historic tradition of community barn raising, brings together impressive numbers of volunteers and accomplishes in six hours what would take a standard work team many days to complete.

Because we leverage volunteer manpower, sponsorships, and in-kind gifts, for every $100 donated, we consistently offer at least a 250 percent return on investment.