Board Member Spotlight: Linda Woodards

Our Board of Directors provide the core of support for this organization. We want to acknowledge our hardworking Board Members with a spotlight, to hear their thoughts on what goes on behind the scenes. This month, we interviewed new Board Member Linda Woodards.

Note: The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Linda with her grandkids

Tell me a little bit about yourself! What brought you here?

I’ve been in Richmond for 62 years, and I have two adult children and five grandkids. I started working for the government at the Social Security Administration, and retired from them after 36 years. I work now at Senior Center in North Richmond. I’m a nutrition manager, which basically means I just serve lunch during the day. And I just volunteer wherever I’m needed! If I need to transport grandkids to school, I do that. That’s about it for me! Nothing exciting.

When were you first inspired to get involved with RTEBN?

[Our Grant Writer] George came to the center to do a presentation, looking for homeowners that needed their house to be repaired. After he did the presentation, we communicated and I told him I knew a few people in the area, I know the community. So that’s how I got started! He recommended me to [Executive Director] JW, to be on the board. I said OK, well, I’ll try it and see, you know I’m not a big talker or anything like that. I just said OK! Guess I can’t say no.

What is something you’re nervous about? How’s it been going?

Well, doing the meetings on Zoom, there’s a lot that I need to learn! And I’m not sure if I need to know anything about being “business-wise”. I’m not a business-wise person, I’m more of, if you need something, I can maybe help that way. I tried to help with the veterans, trying to get them situated with getting their assessment and things like that. That’s the only thing I’ve done so far. Just trying to work with the veterans to get their homes repaired.

What is something you find impressive about RTEBN?

Right now I don’t a lot about [running the organization], so I still have to learn. But I like the idea that, you know, they can help homeowners! A lot of people can’t afford to fix their house up. [RTEBN] can help that way – so I guess I just like the idea that they can help people!

What are some problems you’re looking forward to solving next?

I don’t know if it really has a lot to do with RTEBN, but – with the neighborhood – I’m trying to get the neighborhood fixed up, and then our Senior Center could use some work. So I’ve been talking with George on that, he’s emailed me with things that we might need at the Center. So, trying to fix the center up, get it going and get more participation with the seniors. And a lot of seniors, you know, they don’t have transportation. I’m trying to figure out a way that I can get them to the center.

What do you want more people to know about RTEBN?

That they can help with some of the problems that they’re having with their property, [as well as] with some of the services that some of the seniors need to get around, to prevent accidents in their homes.

Anything else you want to share about RTEBN or about your experience on the board?

Well, like I said I’ve only had three board meetings! So I’m kind of listening in, trying to see where I could fit in. If there’s a project for the area then I can probably fit in more that way, assisting there. I’m still trying to learn. But I’m excited for what’s going to come next!

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