Non-Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergencies and Major or life threatening injury: Call 911

Berkeley Fire & Police Non-Emergency: 

Albany Fire Non-Emergency: 

Albany Police Non-Emergency: 

Emeryville Fire Non-Emergency: 

Emeryville Police Non-Emergency: 

Richmond Fire Non-Emergency: 

Richmond Police Non-Emergency: 

(510) 981-5900

(510) 528-5770

(510) 525-7300

(510) 596-3750

(510) 596-3700

(510) 307-8031

(510) 233-1214

(510) 644-8979

Medical Plan & Emergency Procedures
Fire and Police Departments in Berkeley have been notified that a major volunteer workday is taking place. They have been made aware of the locations of all RTEBN work sites and may check in on these sites during the day.
Each site is equipped with a First Aid Kit. These kits should only be used for minor injuries.
If someone is injured, immediately notify the House Captain (HC), Safety Coordinator (SC) and First Mate (FM) and any volunteer with emergency medical training.
In the event of an injury there are three treatment options:
Injury Treatment/Response
1. Minor Injury of no significance  ——- Treat at site with First Aid Kit
2. Medically significant but minor injury: (For example, a cut or broken finger) ——-Volunteer transports the patient to the hospital. One volunteer remains with the patient at all times. Keep the HC informed from hospital.
3. Major or life-threatening injury:—— Call 911 for emergency medical assistance and transport to hospital by ambulance. One site volunteer should accompany the patient and remain with the patient.
Do not treat Injuries requiring transportation to a medical facility except to:
➢ Stabilize a severely bleeding wound
➢ Preform rescue breathing or CPR if actively certified.
➢ Flush certain hazardous chemical from the skin or eyes.
Provide other emergency procedures according to the ability and judgement of site personnel while waiting for emergency response.
If the injured volunteer is a minor (injuries 2 & 3 above), please contact the parent or guardian designated on the minor’s waiver form.
The HC SC, or FM should confer with the injured volunteer on the injury and treatment options. The patient has the right to refuse treatment if he or she is of sound mind, but we suggest that the person with the most conservative opinion of treatment options overrule in the decision.
HC, SC, or FM should immediately report all significant injuries (2 or 3 above) to the RTEBN Staff after calling 911. Please call (510) 644-8979 to report to the office.
HC, SC, or FM should also fill out the Injury Report Form at the earliest convenience on all significant injuries (2 or 3 above). If the volunteer refuses treatment, the HC, SC, or FM should obtain the volunteer’s signature at the bottom of the form.
Do not admit liability. As obvious as liability seems in the situation, the rule of law could produce a different result. Try not to say anything about why you think the incident occurred. Beware of “implicit admissions”
Keep lines of communications open with all parties. People who don’t get prompt answers to their questions may assume the worst. If they feel like they are getting the run around, they are more likely to hire a lawyer to get the answers for them. Report facts, not interpretations.
Identify witnesses and carefully preserve physical evidence. Get pictures of scene, if possible and appropriate. Write down witnesses’ names, addresses, and contact information.

Injury Report Form