Estate Clean Outs/Decluttering & Organizing

What we offer:
  • Residential & Commercial Content Removal
  • Decluttering & Organization Guidance   
  • Donation Organization & Distribution
  • Responsible Trash & Hazardous Waste Disposal
Who do we work with?
  • Homeowners
  • Family members-adult children, guardians, trustees
  • Realtors
  • Fiduciaries

ECO (Estate Clean Out) service is designed for those clearing a property of its contents, downsizing, or in need of decluttering & organizing assistance. We work with local fiduciaries, real estate agents, and homeowners to clear houses and offices in a model that diverts waste, benefits local nonprofits, and hires unhoused adults and transitional-age foster youth at a living wage. 

Whether we’re packing the entire house or just picking up items to be distributed to our local nonprofit partners; for an hourly fee, we can help as little or as much as you’d like. Items are sorted, boxed, and distributed.  An inventory list with each item’s final destination and a tax-deductible receipt is provided upon completion of your project. 

Your contribution allows us to make free home repairs for our vulnerable neighbors and minimize waste by reallocating materials to collaborative organizations. Many household items and furnishings are provided to newly transitioned unhoused individuals for their new living spaces and our other neighbors that are in need.  You’ll know that your donation has made a difference and has contributed to a more sustainable community.


Decluttering & Organizing:

Accumulating too much stuff can be both physical and mental hazards. Narrow, obstacle-course-like paths can be unsafe for the homeowner and make access difficult for emergency services. Mentally, clutter is a heavyweight to bear often causing feelings of overwhelm and helplessness, We’ll help you create an action plan that will determine the items to keep, those that can be let go of and rehomed, resulting in a safe and organized home environment. 

Through our Safe at Home program, decluttering and home organization assistance is available free of charge to qualified applicants.

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