Help Us Get Helpie!

The time has come. We are 30 years old. Don’t you agree it’s about time for us to have our own vehicle? 

Since 1991 Rebuilding Together East Bay-North and our spectacular volunteers have made free health and safety repairs for our low-income senior, disabled, and veteran neighbors. We have done this work joyfully and on a shoestring budget. In all this time we have not owned a vehicle, relying instead on the kindness and generosity of our volunteers to move people and materials to and from job sites.

Our ace project lead, Aune Michener, even visits job sites on her trusty bike. But as we expand our operations, we have to travel farther distances between project sites and transport more supplies. We’ve grown up to the point where our own vehicle is necessary.

Having our own vehicle will make us more efficient, and we’ll be able to help more of our neighbors. We invite you to join us in our plan to purchase a late model, mechanically sound, transport van! We even have a name for our new van: “Helpie!”

Helpie will allow us to scale up the scope and impact of our current programs, as well as roll out our Emergency Repairs Initiative. Under this new program, every client who is approved for our regular services will also be eligible to receive urgent repairs, for when time is of the essence.

So when 83 year old Ethel’s water heater stops making hot water, she won’t have to do more paperwork; she will automatically be enrolled, so we can send a plumber the very next day.  When 79 year old Lenore has a rock thrown through her bedroom window on a wet wintery night, we can immediately make her home warm and dry again. These types of emergencies should not force our clients to wait and re-apply. But to succeed with this plan, we need Helpie!

We have done some shopping, and we figure the cost of a late model, low mileage transport van is $20,000. If you can write us a check for that amount, please do so now! But if that’s a bit much for you, there are other ways you can help us get Helpie. Checks of any size are welcome. The most effective way to ensure that our neighbors have access to quality emergency repairs is also the simplest: sign up now to make small ongoing monthly contributions. A little goes a long way when we all pitch in, and your monthly donations ensure that we’ll be ready in an emergency. Simply pick an amount that you would like to contribute monthly, include your credit or debit card number, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can change the amount or cancel at any time for any reason. And you will be doing a tremendous service to our elderly and disabled friends and neighbors!

Please help us to welcome Helpie into our family!

Thank you!

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