Horizon Transitional Village Program

Giving our neighbors a place to call home

We're helping the community by building transitional housing and making an accessible community space. On Grayson Street, we're rehabilitating an unused warehouse into a residential and community space. In addition to a place to live, this facility will provide meals, workshops, services and more to our most vulnerable neighbors.

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Looking to organize a group to volunteer together? We'd love to work with you! Whether you're with a student club, a faith community, a corporate sponsor, or any other crew, we'll have the perfect project for your team.

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There are a lot of areas where you can help!

This the first thing that new residents see when they come home for the first time. We want to give them a great first impression by making the building a beautiful and welcoming place. 

We’ll have a lot to do in terms of cleaning and painting. From sweeping the floors all the way to sprucing up the walls with vibrant murals, we’ll need volunteers to bring a warm and loving touch.

This project will involve building many different kinds of structures. If you know how to do light carpentry, we’re definitely going to need your help.

With so many moving pieces, we need some volunteers to help us manage it all. If handiwork isn’t your thing, you can help us enormously by taking on administrative duties of workdays, such as greeting and supervising volunteers, getting waivers signed and filed, or making phone calls.

Volunteers are key to making the services and programs we provide possible. You can help with meal distribution, sorting donations, and many other functions that go on at the facility.

Volunteer Opportunities and Events