Work & Prep Day Documents

Morning Meeting Check List

Project Impact Summary Report

Injury Report Form

Materials- Hold onto your receipts!!!

Donation Report Form

Expense Reimbursement Request

Other Materials

Blank Scope of Work 2020

House Captain Evaluation Form (Filled out with homeowner)

House Captain Training Power Point (2020 Edition)

Safety Kit

Wait, What am I suppose to do to prep?

Much of what is addressed below references the Zoom Volunteer/House Captain Training. If you have not been trained, please schedule with Aune Michener ASAP! The trainings can also be downloaded as a refresher found at

  • Appoint a First Mate,¬† Safety-Supervisor, and COVID Safety Coordinator. The Safety Coordinator can take on both of Covid and Safety Coordination roles.
  • Call the homeowner ahead of time, the office would also like to know!
  • Do you need potties, dumpsters, volunteers? -> Call Aune (510) 644-8979 *103 with at least 7 days notice
  • Figure out what materials are required to complete the work, along with prospective time-frame, and gather the materials from one of our retailer collaborates, or see what’s in RTEBN’s containers.
  • Make sure your Safety Supervisor is acquainted with our Safety-Kit.
  • Make sure your First mate has a firm understanding of the work taking place.
  • Print out and have ready- Waivers, and Sign-in Sheets.
  • Lunch- Plan ahead, let the staff know how many days of lunches will be required

Whatever you need can be found above!

Wait- I’m suppose to appoint people?

There are 4 roles for 3-4 people. The roles are:

  • House Captain
  • First Mate
  • Safety Coordinator
  • COVID Safety Coordinator¬† (Can be additionally taken on by Safety Coordinator)

If you are confused, there is a much more in-depth description found in your House Captain Binder in the House Captain Handbook. It is possible due to COVID-restrictions you did not receive one and are figuring this out online. Of course feel free to call Aune at (510) 644-8979 for more information or to revisit the training.