Jefferson Award for Public Service Recipient: Our Very Own Suzanna Yeh

This past weekend, Suzanna Yeh, founding member of the board of directors of Rebuilding Together East Bay-North, was interviewed by KPIX, Channel 5 News.  The interview was prompted by Suzanna winning the prestigious Jefferson Award for Public Service. 

Founded by Jacqueline Kennedy, the Jefferson Awards are given at both national and local levels. Local winners are ordinary people who do extraordinary things without expectation of recognition. Channel 5 interviewed Suzanna at two of our work sites, while volunteers wearing  Rebuilding Together T-Shirts, scurried around, making repairs.  Suzanna spoke eloquently about the good work we have done over the years. 

The first stage of the interview took place at the McGee Ave. Baptist Church Food Program, where hot meals are prepared three days a week, feeding hundreds of individuals and families in need.   During the interview, Suzanna was asked about our most impactful projects.  She told the interviewer about Ethel Murphy’s home.  Suzanna was one of the first to see the home after Ethel applied for our services.  At the time, Ethel, aged 80, her disabled son, and 4 grandchildren were living in a home with a caved in roof, no hot water or heat, and many other challenging conditions.  Our volunteer team replaced the roof, provided new plumbing pipes, a furnace, hot water heater, and more. 

The interviewer was so intrigued by this story, they decided to move the interview to Ethel Murphy’s  house, so she could get Ethel’s story in her own words.  The second part of the interview was conducted with both Suzanna and Ethel, on the front steps of Ethel’s house.   

The interview aired June 5th at 5PM on the Channel 5 Evening News.  You can watch the video at your convenience here!~

PS:  Suzanna, our volunteers and staff could not do this vital work without the financial support of the community.   We invite you to make a donation today to Rebuilding Together East Bay North.  Please send your check to 3318 Adeline St. Berkeley CA 94703, or click here.  Your gift is fully tax deductible.

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