Our Volunteers Make the Meals on Wheels Kitchen A Little Better

Rebuilding Together volunteers took on the task of replacing the floor in the commercial kitchen of the West Berkeley Service Center.  This is where Meals on Wheels prepares food for hundreds of low income seniors each day.  We assembled a crack team of skilled (and not-so-skilled) volunteers to tackle this tough assignment.  House Captain Vern Philips was, as always, unstoppable in his commitment to excellence.  Paul Carpenter (he can do anything) figured out how to remove the old non-functioning Wolfe Ranges. Flooring Solutions brought their expertise.   And by the time we were done, there was no trace of the 50 year old, cracked, dirty unhealthy floor.  It had been replaced by a brand new, shiny safe and healthy modern kitchen floor for this facility that is so important to so many Berkeley residents.

Special thanks to Paul Carpenter who donated his services to cap off the gas lines, Vern Philips for his services as a general contractor and project lead, and the Meals on Wheels staff for caring about their workers safety!

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