Program Documents

Your time is greatly appreciated! Scroll down to your role to download your documents to be printed or electronically filled out!

Follow these steps for editable files:

  1. Download the desired file as listed on the right (if available)
  2. Open the zip file and extract the file, or go to the file directly and open it with a PDF reader or Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge) or Safari.
  3. Once it is filled out, save the document and put your name up front. A good example: John Smith2020In-KindContribution.pdf
  4. Send an email to with the PDF you just saved attached.
  5. If you cannot do an e-signature from your computer; save it and email what you have completed to for further instructions.

Print out, and fill out with a pen.

Download & fill it out with your computer

Homeowner/Community Facility Contact

Home-Owner Waivers (2020 Edition)

Grievance Policy- Informational only

Home-Owner Satisfaction Survey / Client Questionnaire


In-Kind Contribution Form-

Waivers (2020 Edition)

Volunteer Training Power Point- 2020 Edition

First Mate & Safety Supervisor

Safety Kit

Volunteer Safety Checklist

Rebuilding Together Safety Manual


Safety Assessment