The Next Generation of ReBuilders

Last Saturday, Rebuilding Together East Bay-North teamed up with the local The Oaks League chapter of the youth service organization Boys Team Charity for a workday in which a client’s yard was cleared of clutter and junk. The clean-up day, made possible with funds from The Bridge Association of Realtors Community Foundation, was part of a larger project for this client: he is disabled and needs his electrical grid upgraded to more reliably power an oxygen tank, but with such a cluttered yard, it was not safe for an electrician to do the necessary electrical work. Fortunately, these boys stepped in and did a fantastic job solving this problem!

Before and After comparison photos of the yard
From cluttered to clean! (Photos taken from opposite sides of the yard.)

This scenario is a great example of how interconnected communities can solve complex problems. While the main issue for this house is with the electrical system, we also need people who can come together to lift heavy items and clear space for safe work, as well as funds for the necessary supplies. You don’t have to be a certified specialist such as an electrician to provide service to your community – everyone has some way they can help out. We also see an important lesson for tackling large projects that can seem overwhelming at first, which is just to start anywhere! We don’t need to solve the social issues of electrification in underserved communities once and for all in one day. Sometimes, the best way to make progress on such a big, complex problem is to pick up a rake. 

RTEBN’s partnerships with the local chapter of Boys Team Charity and the Bridge Association of Realtors is a great way to strengthen intergenerational relationships among our community. Partnerships between local organizations are important because they connect people interested in either organizations’ mission, while advancing the work of both. By partnering with Boys Team Charity and the Bridge Association of Realtors, we can not only complete many more home repair projects, but also share our values of service and community-building with these amazing kids. We’re looking forward to a long and productive partnership with Boys Team Charity, and our next generation of ReBuilders!

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